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So you have a spoonie in your life, and you want to get them a special gift! I have put together a bunch of great gift ideas for the chronically ill ranging from just a few bucks…to a whole lot more $$$. Weather you’re looking for something small and inexpensive or a really grande gesture, there is sure to be something on this list for you to make your loved one smile.

1. Cozy wear

People with Lyme disease or other chronic illnesses often get cold easily and can be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, we also spend a lot of time stuck in bed or resting on the couch. Some, even spend a lot of time in the hospital. Comfort is the ultimate goal here! So think warm, soft, cozy, and plush! Fuzzy slippers, cute socks, super soft pajama pants or sweats, cozy beanie caps… any or all of these would be great! If it’ll help us feel more comfortable, then we’ll love it! My favorite slippers have soles on them, so I can totally wear these bad boys out in public on days when putting on my tennies seems too exhausting.

2. Heated blanket

Heated blankets and infrared blankets promote blood flow, ease muscle and joint pain, and provide general comfort. Good old fashioned heated blankets can be purchased for around $35. While their deeper penetrating friend, infrared blanket, starts around $200. Either of these will be greatly appreciated.

3. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets offer a lot of nice benefits as well. They ease muscle tension, reduce stress and decrease anxiety. They also help calm the body, aids in relaxation and improves sleep. This is especially helpful because good rest allows the body to repair. Which we desperately need!

4. Mold free coffee

This one might sound a little weird, but stay with me…. People with Lyme disease often have a high sensitivity to mold and mycotoxins which cause neurological issues. Mycotoxins are produced by mold and are indeed toxic. For most healthy people, coffee can be a great source of antioxidants, and act as an anti-inflammatory and anticancer; according to Dr. Jill Carnahan. However, in those with mold sensitivities, mycotoxins negatively affect the brain, liver, kidney, and muscles. This may deter some of us from drinking coffee, but many of us still want our morning fix. So, a nice big bag of the good stuff would be awesome! Look for a mycotoxin free coffee online.

5. Herbal teas

Herbal teas can be soothing and healing. They can help relax, uplift, energize, decrease brain fog, comfort aching joints, detox and more. Different teas offer different qualities of aid and repair, and also help with our general wellbeing. These are a staple in most chronically ill people’s lives.

6. Large water bottle

Unfortunately, Lymies “naturally accumulate an excessive amount of bodily toxins,” according to Global Lyme Alliance. Consuming ample amounts of clean water aids the body of purging such toxins. Having a good, durable water bottle is a necessary item to always be in tow with us! I personally like the ones with wide mouths because it makes it so much easier to clean. Look for one that is at least 32 oz, and BPA free. If you want to go one step further, give the gift of portable, pure, clean water with a portable water filter!

7. All natural dry skin brushes

Dry skin brushing is an essential part of detoxing and stimulating the lymphatic system; you can learn more here, Starting from around $5 you can buy a palm held brush, or you can get a set of brushes starting around $18. I personally like having a set, because it offers different brushes for different areas of the body. So, I don’t have to brush my face with the same brush I used for my feet.. eww.

8. All natural skin products

As mentioned before, those with chronic illness accumulate excessive amounts of toxins. This includes absorbing them through our hair and skin products. To avoid this as much as possible, we should use products that are free from harsh chemicals, metals, and fragrances. All natural soaps, lotions, bath salts, and scrubs make awesome gifts!

9. Portable low EMF infrared sauna

These awesome little personal saunas help with detoxing, lowering inflammation, boost immune system, reduce muscle and joint pain, increase mental clarity, and more! Prices range from about $150 -$600. Just make sure you look for one that is low EMF. You can learn more about infrared saunas and their benefits here; .

10. Essential oils

Chronic peeps tend to be sensitive to synthetic perfumes and fragrances. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils not only provide lovely scents, but they offer tons of physical and mental benefits. Essential oils can help with healing, detoxing, relaxing, purifying, and focussing. They can help reduce brain fog, anxiety, depression and so much more. You can buy single oils such as lavender or helichrysum, or you can purchase blends designed to help combat specific issues. Headache blends, muscle and joint blends, and blends that help reduce fatigue are a staple in my house!

11. Essential oil diffuser

These are great for diffusing pure essential oils into the air and breathing them in. Not only will they help make the room smell wonderful, but they can offer a soothing, comforting, and healing asset to a room’s environment.

12. Air purifier

Good clean indoor air is very important in the road to healing. Air purifiers can minimize the amount of toxins we breathe in. They offer air filtratration, purification, and some even sanitize the air. Sanitized air is greatly helpful for those with sensitivities to toxins including mold.

13. Salt lamp

Salt lamps add a nice ambiance, improve air quality, mental clarity, and sleep cycles. Without getting too sciency; salt lamps help balance the positive and negative ions around us, which affect our health, emotions, and general well being.

14. EMF blockers

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are produced by any electronically charged object. Mobile phones, computers, TVs… and so on. People with chronic illness are more likely to suffer from the more severe reactions of EMFs than most people. Headaches, insomnia, depression, weakened immune system, inflammation and burning sensations are just a few of the symptoms caused by EMFs. Not only are they immunosuppressive, but they inhibit the growth of good bacteria that our bodies need to fight disease. With EMFs often increasing, or adding to, our symptoms- these blockers make a smart gift!

Blockers reduce or neutralize harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. EMF protection stickers can be purchased for cell phones and other electronic devices. There are also room shields and cool jewelry options as well. EMF blocking pendants run as low as $25 and can run up to several hundred dollars.

15. Lyme swag

Most of us chronic peeps want to spread awareness… They don’t call it the invisible illness for nothin’. We are also a proud group of health warriors. We know how much we go through and have to push ourselves, just to make it through a day. So, it’s great to have clothes and accessories that let others know what bad-asses we are! Caps, T shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, jewelry, ect. We will accept and appreciate any of it! Also, many vendors for Lyme attire donate a portion of their proceeds for research and to support groups that offer resources or financial help to Lyme patients. We like that a lot!

16. One year subscription to Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix.

So many of our days are reduced to laying in bed or on the couch. We are left with only non-movement activities such as reading or watching T.V. if we are not sleeping. Having access to one or more of these resources comes in very handy to help keep us from going stir crazy, and is much appreciated!

17. Jar opening device

This seems super simple and maybe underwhelming… But, often times the arthritic like pain in our fingers, hands, and wrists is so bad it becomes too difficult to perform the simple task of opening a jar.

18. Slow cooker

Cooking healthy meals is extremely important to those with chronic illness. Many times, however, we do not have the strength or energy to stand in the kitchen to prepare a meal. Being able to throw a bunch of veggies and/or meat into a pot and slink back to the couch while dinner cooks itself –Yes please!

19. Blender or juicer

Either or both of these make great gifts! Many people with chronic illness suffer from digestive issues. Juicing and making smoothies are excellent ways to consume nutrient dense foods without stressing or overworking our often distressed digestive systems.

20. Meal service gift cards

Meal gift cards are awesome because it offers your loved one all the goodness of a healthy home cooked meal, without the exhausting task of actually having to venture to the grocery store. For a bit more $$, some companies even deliver/ship complete fresh/healthy meals so all they have to do is throw it in the oven.

21. Goodie basket

A smorgasbord of goodies is always loved! Weather it’s a collection of their favorite snacks and fruits, an assortment of Lyme gear, or stuff to feed their hobbies, you name it! Most chronic peeps have specific diet restrictions such as no gluten, dairy and/or sugar. So if you add foods to their basket, be mindful of any allergies or food sensitivities they may have. Baskets are fun to put together and there’s tons of room for creativity!

22. Subscription boxes

These boxes are super cool gifts, and are a great way to ensure your loved one keeps smiling month after month. There are several different companies that offer this monthly subscription and will send a box of unique gifts to brighten up your Lymie’s day. Different subscriptions offer different goodies, so there’s certain to be the perfect option for your loved one. I have yet to receive one of these….wink wink…But, here are a few companies that I thought that looked cool; Hope Box, Bath Bevy, Respyre and Anchor of Hope.

23. Cash

Cash is another simple idea. You may not think this it’s very creative or sentimental, but it will be greatly appreciated. For most of us, nearly all of our medical expenses our out of pocket. This really compromises our financial well being. A little extra cash can help fill our gas tank, purchase our medicines or supplements, or help pay a doctor bill.

24. You

One of the absolute best gifts you could offer comes at ZERO cost. Be. A. Good. Friend. Check in on them occasionally. Being chronically ill is often isolating and lonely. Research their illness and learn as much as you can. This will give you a unique and priceless position to understand what your loved one is up against. You will never 100% , truly, know their daily struggles, but trying to understand their disease will mean the world to them. I cannot express the importance of this gift enough.

All I have left to say is, happy shopping! There’s so many ways to make your chronically ill loved one smile. Have fun and be creative, but remember it doesn’t have to be difficult. Anything that helps offer a little extra comfort or makes our lives a little easier will be truly appreciated.