Undertaking life with chronic illness

Our Funny Farm

Our Funny Farm and my personal therapy! We own 14 acres in the Texas hill country. Every day I am so thankful that I get to wake up here instead of in the city. Don’t get me wrong, the city is great…. Just not for me. I never felt like I belonged in the city. Being on land and having animals and a quasi garden (my garden’s pretty pathetic) are the best therapy for me! The air is sweet, and the night skies are to die for. We can actually still see the milky way on a clear night!

I grew up in the hill country most of my youth, however, we never had animals other than dogs, cats, and other random house pets throughout the years. My husband, kids, and I moved from the outskirts of Austin in 2017 to this little piece of heaven. We share the property with my parents and my brother and like to joke that it’s our weird little family compound! I thank God for it each day. Every day my body is in a constant struggle, neurologically and physically. Being able to see a green field, beautiful trees, White Tail and Axis deer, and my own sweet animals just outside any window from my house is such a blessing. It makes for good therapy too.

This page is dedicated to my funny farm. Our ranch is actually called Compass Ranch, but “funny farm” seems to suit us well. We are a “learn as you go” kind of family when it comes to managing land and animals! This process tends to bring on a lot of laughable moments of learning through mistakes. However, it also provides a lot of opportunity for growth, responsibility, and an increasing respect for nature and animals.